Sibling Rivalry Tips to Help Your Kids Get Along

Posted on July 30, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Siblings argue with each other. It’s a very normal thing. Sometimes, those arguments pass as quickly as they start. However, when those arguments get distressing for the parents, the entire family can suffer. The good news is that you can do something about it. Here are a few sibling rivalry tips that can help you regain some peace in your house.


When looking for sibling rivalry tips, look for ones that acknowledge why children argue with each other. For example, sibling rivalry often starts when children see themselves as separate “teams.” Sometimes, the arguing comes from a desire to win. You can shift this mindset by helping your children become part of the same team. You can accomplish this change in a lot of ways. For example, you might play team games with your children or try to build things together. The more you encourage teamwork, the more you’ll be able to find creative ideas for it.

Avoiding Competition

On a similar note, don’t pit your children against each other. Parents don’t usually mean any harm when they do this, but it goes against most sibling rivalry tips. Of course, when parents start a competition, it’s usually a complete accident. For example, some parents might say things like “Why can’t you enjoy your quiet time like your sister does?” These statements hinder your progress in building teamwork because the children will subconsciously start competing with one another.

On a more specific note, try to avoid using competition to make your morning routine easier. We’ve all been tempted to say, “Who can get dressed the fastest?” It’s one of the oldest parenting tricks in the book. However, this trick is a recipe for rivalry. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to completely get rid of this method. Just modify it a little. Instead of competing with each other, they can compete with the clock instead. Try saying “Let’s see if we can all get dressed before the timer goes off.”

Limited Intervention

Some sibling rivalry tips show parents how to get involved, but when your children argue with each other, you don’t always have to intervene. Nobody likes to hear their children yell at each other, so it’s tempting to step in right away. Of course, if the fighting gets out of control or involves physical violence, then you should put a stop to it. However, children do need to handle some arguments on their own. This way, they can learn how to work out their struggles on their own.

During less heated moments, you can teach your children strategies that they can use to resolve their conflicts. Stay patient, though, and don’t expect these strategies to stick right away. They’ll take time and practice from both you and your children.

Separate Classrooms

Some sibling rivalry tips advise letting your children spend some time apart. It’s great for siblings to spend a lot of time together, but even the closest siblings need to spend a bit of time apart. This is especially true if your children are twins. Society can treat twins like two parts of a whole instead of individual people. In fact, twins can sometimes see themselves that way.

If your children spend most of the day together, enrolling them into separate classes can make a big difference. Your children can grow as individuals, take a break from one another, and then truly appreciate when they can play together again.

Sibling Rivalry Tips with Legacy Academy in Frisco

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