Communicating with Your Preschooler After Childcare

Posted on August 23, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

“How was your day?”


“Did you do anything fun?”


“Like what?”

“Um…I dunno. Can we listen to Kidz Bop?”

Have you ever had a similar conversation with your preschooler? A lot of parents find themselves in the same boat. Your preschooler probably has a lot of fun at childcare. Between the learning, play, and discovery, childcare has a lot to offer for your little one. Still, not every child communicates easily after school. School newsletters are great resources, but you want to hear from your child how their day went. After all, communication is important for bonding. Don’t worry. It’ll take some practice, but you can absolutely encourage communication with your preschooler after childcare. Here are a few things you can do.


Children learn best when they get time to play. The same is true when it comes to communication. During playtime, your child will be in their element. They’ll be relaxed and receptive. After childcare, instead of launching right into the questions, try saying “Do you want to play?” After a few minutes of building blocks or playing make-believe, your child may tell you all about their school day.

Family Meals

Mealtime is another great way to communicate with your child. The best way to establish mealtime communication is to set up family meals. As much as possible, try to keep dinnertime a family activity. Sit together at the table without any electronics. Without distractions, your child will be more likely to share.

Get Specific

“How was your day?” is a very general question, so it usually gets a general answer. Children and adults alike will usually just say “fine.” To encourage communication after childcare, try some more specific questions. For example, you can ask your child what games they played on the playground, which children they played with that day, or what they learned during circle time. You can also use the childcare newsletter as a starting point. If the newsletter mentions that the children are learning about patterns, you might bring that up with your child.

Show and Tell

Is your child a hands-on learner? Then they’re probably a hands-on communicator, too. Your child will bring home paintings and other projects from preschool, so start with those. Go through your child’s backpack together. Ask your child about each project. This way, your child gets a specific springboard to get the conversation started. As a bonus, this method also helps you keep that backpack organized.

What Was Your Favorite Part?

“What was your favorite part of school today?” When you ask that question, you start easy communication with your child. This question sparks memories of the happiest part of your child’s day. Like adults, children are most likely to talk when they’re feeling good. If you start your conversation on a positive note, you widen the communication door. Furthermore, this strategy can help children with separation anxiety. By bringing up the positive aspects of childcare, you help your child build positive associations with their preschool. As a result, they’ll start looking forward to preschool with excitement instead of hesitation.

Childcare at Legacy Academy

Still looking for the best childcare for your little one? Legacy Academy makes the best choice. At Legacy, we encourage and foster communication between parents and children. With our newsletters, blog posts, and other resources, you can spark conversations with your preschooler. Of course, if you ever have any questions about your child and preschool, we’re always here to help. Want to learn more about enrolling your child? Contact us today to get the conversation started.