Benefits of Summer Camps for Children

Posted on April 27, 2017 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Developmental Outcomes

Parents worry about their children’s success within society, so they tend to do lots of things to help them achieve it – especially when it helps their children acquire skills like: socializing, analyzing, problem solving, good self-concept, and health. On the other hand, children need resiliency skills such as basic life skills, independence, self-reliance, and self-esteem. The experience they will gain from camp offers an environment far away from distractions and dependency, helping them create and learn new skills that guarantee their success.

Legacy Academy has prepared a 10-week summer program to help children grow in the most effective way while having fun over the summer. We have separated out each week so you understand the amazing experience your child will have at our camp:

Week 1: Aviation

frisco texas summer camp

The children will learn the element of science and physics behind flying, creating papers and models of airplanes. We will also create a mock cockpit so the experience is even more realistic.

Week 2: Locomotion

children stretching at a summer camp in texasWe will explore the various movements of the body in dance, martial arts, and various sports, helping the kids discover that our bodies are locomotion machines and how we can keep them healthy Outside from exercising, the children will have the ability to build new and exciting machines from their imagination to real life.

Week 3: The Four Seasons

We will emphasize on teaching the children about the four seasons, where they will create modules and play sports from each season. Furthermore, the children will learn more about the technology, engineering, and math factors that are involved with the seasons all year long, highly impacting our daily lives.

Week 4: Robotics

Technology at summer camp in texas

This will allows kids to bring out their “inner” engineers! Through the usage of recycled resources, campers will be able to make a 3-D Robot. They will design, name it, and present their final project.

Week 5: “A minute to win it”

summer camp in txas

This will be a week filled with activities that will highlight the importance of team-building. Dozens of games involving science, technology, and math-based games.

Week 6: Imagination experience

learning at texas summer camp

The experience is designed to stretch the imagination of the campers. Lots of hands on activities: we’ll make self-watering planters for starting seeds, build bottle terrariums, and create garden ornaments.

Week 7: Imaginative inventions

Creativity starts with the confidence to try new things, so we’ll encourage students to create their own inventions! “I think I Can, I think I Can, I think I Can, I Know I Can!”

Week 8: Build and play

summer camp toys in frisco texas

The children will face challenging moments this week, as they construct and complete their own obstacle courses as a team. Then, we will explore “kitchen alchemy”, by playing with various ingredients to make healthy food.
Week 9: The ultimate habitat

science summer camp frisco texas

Adventures do not stop around here. Towards the final weeks, we allow kids to learn about our planet Earth’s “ultimate habitats,” allowing them to learn about the energy flow, ecosystem, different types our organisms, and how we can take part into protecting our Earth.

Week 10: The solar system

frisco texas science summer camp for children

The children will have an opportunity to solve all their curiosity about the skies. They will learn about the sun, moon, stars, black holes and its mysteries, planets.

Our program will allow the children to explore various fields specially in STEM, exercise, and creativity. This 10 week program and its activities will be coordinated for each appropriate age level, allowing us to optimize their learning experience.
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